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We proudly welcome you to Vedic Maths Institute.

Vedic Maths Institute specializes in teaching the speedy Vedic Maths techniques for school & college exams, MBA, CET, MCA, GMAT, GRE, UPSC . It also helps in competitive exams of Railways, Banks, Defence and other fields .

Teaching is not the only work we do. We work on understanding each and every student and their expectation towards the course they join. We have taught students appearing for various exams, school and college students and even those people who are very curious to learn new tricks in Maths.

You must have heard of Vedic Mathematics but wondered what this was all about.

Complex mathematical questions which otherwise take numerous steps to solve can be solved with the help of a few steps and in some cases without any intermediate steps at all! And these systems are so simple that even people with an average knowledge of mathematics can easily understand them.

Benefits of Learning Vedic Maths from us

  • Select timings and days of your choice.
  • You can learn the Course at our Workshop or at your place without additional charges.
  • We will provide you with Vedic Maths notes and practice sheets.
  • Learn Vedic Maths and solve the complex problems in speed.
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Interested students can download an online application form where they can get complete support and guidelines while filling online application from to get instant admission.

student application form